Memory Walker

Memory-walker-evernightpublishing-April2018-3D-eReader2High school rumors are the worst. In fact, high school’s the worst. At least as the school freak that avoids human contact.

Freshman year, seventeen-year-old Thea Scott developed the suckiest burden ever. At the brief touch of a person’s skin, she’s forced to walk in their memories. She’d give anything to get rid of this ability—one she can’t control. Well, until the first day of senior year when breathtakingly gorgeous Cole Conway strolls through the auditorium doors and she faints, making an utter fool of herself, again. He acts like he knows her secret, and the last thing she wants is to end up in a lab with her brain in a jar. To protect herself, she decides to do the very thing she runs from, use her ability to enter his memories.

What she didn’t expect to find: out-of-this-world beings who have to “borrow” life essence from humans to survive. Cole unveils dangers she never imagined existed and turns out her own past is her greatest fear. The deeper she falls, the more turmoil and heartbreak crash into her. Dreams of fitting in soon dissolve, and she realizes it was way easier just being a high school freak.

Memory Walker is a YA Science Fiction Paranormal Romance (light on the sci-fi) :).
I’m super excited to share Thea and Cole’s journey with you.

Memory Walker
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