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Although I recently decided to embark on a new path in the publishing world, I did a ton of prep just in case I took my novel to market solo. In my next few blog posts, (the previous one included), I’ll share some of the things I did to shine my manuscript. I.e: programs and software I purchased or tried out, the businesses I worked with, or services, bloggers I reached out to.

*** Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences. Everyone has a different method of becoming a star author. Budgets vary as well as skill levels. So please don’t think I’m stating a “this is how it’s got to go” claim. haha. Just some experiences of my own.*** 

When I first considered self-publishing, formatting terrified me the most. Most of the Indie authors I know have either spent numerous weeks perfecting their formatting or hired someone–which can cost hundreds of dollars! EEK! If you’re planning on publishing multiple novels, this could get a tad pricey.  Who am I kidding? It would get very pricey!

I researched for programs to make formatting a snap and found Vellum. https://vellum.pub/

*Vellum did not pay me or compensate me for this review*


A downloadable program to help format books for print and ebook. The software pumps out a gorgeous, customizable, product! I loved mine after I messed around with it. It’s user-friendly and easy. SUPER EASY. I might be a bit computer savvy, but anyone could pick up “how to” just by giving it a go.

First I  want to mention that Vellum isn’t cheap. For paperback and ebook you’ll pay $245 USD. (they have an ebook only software for $199) BUT, consider this … How many books are you planning on formatting? Are you a skilled book formatter? Do you have the time and patience to format yourself, if you’re not? Do you have the budget to outsource for subsequent books?

Your answer will give you an idea if Vellum might be an option. If you have the skills that pay the bills, then I say absolutely no. Don’t spend the money on Vellum. Keep up the awesome work of building your novels yourself. Why spend the money if you can whip up a perdy finished product? However, if you’re like me, and don’t have time or patience for DIY and can’t afford to hire someone for every novel, then I suggest giving Vellum a try.

Here’s a screen shot that was taken from Vellum’s website to give you an idea of what Vellum looks like. You can view EVERY device and print your book will be published on in real time.  The example below is kindle fire.

© 2017 180g. Vellum is a registered trademark of 180g.

I still edited my books on Scrivener–my FAVORITE writing platform. But once I finished, I exported as a word doc and imported into Vellum. Tada! Vellum separates chapters and scenes and shows what the finished product will look like. Vellum still recommends proofing on kindle, kobo, PDF, etc. But when I did, I found the results similar and I didn’t need to make many adjustments. (if any)

Needless to say, I was very impressed!

Check out their site and make the decision for yourself. There’s no right or wrong way to get your book out there. Every route you, as an author, take will be the best one for you. I found value in Vellum and wanted to share. https://vellum.pub/

Happy writing and best of luck in your journey!


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