What do Twitter Games Mean to Readers?


If you’re on Twitter, you probably follow your favorite authors. Or I hope you do! And here’s why …

Twitter has a few games authors, both to-be-published and published, partake in to share information about themselves and their works in progress (WIP). Scrolling through the feeds, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know authors–some before they’re books hit the market, yippee–on a personal level and get sneak peeks into what they’re working on. You’ll have the “know” before anyone. Not to mention you can chat it up with writers! Ask questions. Retweet your favorites. And I can’t lie, the feeds get silly. We have tons of fun!! Sometimes a little too much. hehe

How Cool Right?

Today I’m going to share a few hashtags you can follow.

  • #wipjoy –Authors share insight to their WIP, including characters, setting, and silly “what if’s”
  • #authorconfession — Authors get personal on this one. Sure there’s some info on WIP but mostly, #authorconfession, focusses on the authors themselves.
  • #wipwordsearch — Authors share quotes from their WIP containing the “word of the day.” A fun way to find a future big hit you might fall in love with. You’ll be surprised how a 140 character quote can say a lot about a novel as well as the author’s writing style!
  • #1linewed — at the very least, check out #1linewed. This hashtag is once a week. Yep, you guessed it, it’s on Wed. haha. Author’s share a single quote related to the theme.

There’s a bunch more, but these are just a few to get you started! If you know any others you’d like to share, please comment below! I’m sure your fellow readers would like to know. Plus, any authors stopping by can add a new game on their gamer list.

So the moral of this little bit-o-info: Comment! Retweet! Like! We love hearing from you! In fact, you’ll make our day! So put a smile on an author’s face by hopping on a feed and saying hello.

Till next time …

Happy Reading


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