Book I: Tarnished Light

Book One in the Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Trilogy

Darkness lies in the most heavenly places.

Coy, daughter of an Angel and a Fallen, swore she would never submit to her darkness. Not like she has a choice. She has a big fat apocalyptic prophecy stamped on her soul. If she fails to keep her death-craving, evil blood in check, she’ll unleash a battle between Heaven and Hell. Alone in her struggle, she prowls the city streets, saving innocents and searching for a cure to change her fate.

When she loses control, the Nephilim drag her to their palace. Fearful for her life, Coy agrees to undergo demon-provoking tests to cleanse her blood. Her chances to escape seem slim. Until she meets Killian, who tempts her with his angelic looks and inner darkness. He offers a way out, but she’ll have to embrace the evil inside. Once she invokes the demon, though, she may never return.

* Appropriate for Upper YA audience––16 and up*


The Disgraced Series:

Tarnished Light is available in all Amazon markets and free to Kindle Unlimited readers. Book two, Darkness Shines, will Launch Summer/Fall of 2019.

If you like character-driven stories, a strong, kick-butt female lead, an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever read, and a bit of make-your-heart-flutter romance … This series is for you.


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