Character Interview: Cole and Thea


Exclusive! First Ever Interview Between Memory Walker’s
Cole Conway and Thea Scott.

Cole and Thea sit beside each other on a gray sofa. Thea’s long blonde hair hangs straight over her squared shoulders, and she yanks on the hems of her sleeves to cover her hands, nervous. Cole, on the other hand, leans back, left arm draped over the back of the sofa. His chestnut-colored hair frames his Carribean Sea-colored eyes that shift to the corner every so often to peek at Thea.TheaColeHAIR

Cole: * angles toward a blushing Thea* Hey, Thea. You ready for this?

Thea: *covers her pink cheeks* I guess. Just … be nice.

Cole: *laughs* I’ll give you one pass and throw back. Deal?

Thea: Deal.

Cole: Okay, first question. *rubs hands together* Are you a shower singer?

Thea: What? *nervous chuckle* Weirdest first question ever. Uh … yeah, sometimes. I love pop music. Anything catchy and fun.

Cole: *half-smiles* You probably use the scrubber like a microphone.

Thea: Ugh. Next question.

Cole: *clears throat* just say’n. If it makes you feel better, I sing in the shower too. Classic rock, though. The old gritty stuff. Wayward Sons. Magic Carpet Ride.

Thea: *peers into his eyes.* (The sparks between these two are off the charts) I’d love to hear you sing.

Cole: Someday. *blushes* Onward. What do you like most about your ability? And what do you hate?

Thea: Ooo. Good question. Especially now that things have changed. So should I answer pre or post you?

Cole: Pre, and you’re such a nerd. Lucky me. Nerds are hot. *winks*

Thea: *smiles* Agree. You’re crazy lucky. Okie dokie. My ability. Hmm. *taps fingers on her thigh* Well, before I met you I hated walking in memories. I mean, it sounds super awesome to be able to see someone’s past which, by the way, includes all of their secrets, but actually it kind of sucks. Having zero control over the ability and freaking out in front of the entire school is not only embarrassing but also terrifying. Especially when no one believes you, and your aunt sticks you in a mental hospital for a while. Yuck. And don’t get me started on memory manipulating.

I just don’t like prying. Memories make us who we are. A person should choose who they want to share them with.

Cole: I get that. I can’t even imagine what you went through. Feeling alone, ostracized … I wish I’d found you sooner.

Thea: Tell me about it.

Cole: Speaking of … When you first saw me, what did you think of me? *holds her hand*

Thea: *gapes, wide-eyed* I’m not answering that question.

Cole: Too late. *laughs* Paranormal cliché, eh? Not sure if I should take offense to that or not.

Thea: *slaps his arm* Get out of my head! My turn … What did you think of me? *bites her thumb nail* Wait, no, don’t answer that one. ‘Cause, eww, I already know. Ooo. Here’s an easy one. What’s your “Earth” zodiac sign?

Cole: Too bad. I’m answering both questions. When I first saw you, I just knew you *nudges her* were my penguin.

Thea: *groans* Will you ever get out of my head?

Cole: Depends. Do you want me to?

Thea: *rolls her eyes* Just answer the question.

Cole: *swipes his hand through his hair* Gemini. I’ll be nineteen June 19th. You?

Thea: 19 on the 19th! Golden birthday! *goes for a fist bump*

Cole: *returns fist bump* I love how dorky you are.

Thea: Uh…thanks. *fiddles with her blonde hair* I’m a Libra. Growing up, my bestie, Wyn, always hated that I was older than her. I don’t know why. Karen only let me invite a few kids to my parties and hers were like giant. Anyway, her birthday is February 6th. I’ll be eighteen October 1st. *Bigger grin* And look at us. Twins and scales. We balance each other.

Cole: *focuses on her honey-colored eyes* It’d be weird if we didn’t.

Thea: *blushes* Any more questions?

Cole: Let’s see … If you could have one wish, what would it be?

Thea: *shivers* Due to recent events, I’d rather not answer that. So I’ll pass and throw back to you.

Cole: I don’t blame you. *shrugs* This is going to make me sound like a sap but … I just want to graduate then see where life and love takes me.

Thea: *pokes him, smiling* Smart guy. Stealing my old answer for yours.

Cole: Nope. That’s one hundred percent mine too.

Thea: *sighs* We’ve got a lot to deal with until that happens … If it ever happens.

Cole: Yep. But, hey, we’ve got each other and a bunch of kickass friends. We can manage.

Thea: *fidgets, avoiding his gaze* Maybe.

Cole: Either way, makes for a good story. So last question before we meet up with Logan.

Thea: *a more robust groan* Do we have to?

Cole: Yep.

Thea: *huffs* Make the question a long one.

Cole: *his soft chuckles hush with his growing tense expression* Now that you know about your past, do you regret finding out?

Thea: *eyes glazed, she stares ahead at nothing in particular* Finding out led me to you and our friends. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the universe. And I’m … not alone anymore. How can I regret that? But, *water wells in her eyes, and her lids drift closed* so many have suffered because of me. If I never found out…

Cole: *cradles her cheek in his hand* Everything would’ve happened anyway. At least now … you know why.

Thea: *nods, sniffles, brightens* You’re right. I’m ready for an intergalactic battle. Bring it Darth.

Cole: *laughs and touches his forehead to hers* You really are a nerd.

Thea and Cole’s Journey Starts Here…
Memory Walker:

**Stay Tuned for Inflexaen Book Two, Launching This Summer!**

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