Tarnished Light… Coming soon!

Book One in the Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy Trilogy

Being destined to destroy the world doesn’t win Coy any bonus points with the Angels.

For eighteen years, Coy has longed for acceptance from the Angels and their half-children. Something she knows will never happen. How could it? She has a big fat world-ending prophecy hovering above her head. 

If Coy kills a Nephilim, she will unleash a battle between Heaven and Hell. For most, avoiding this prediction sounds simple. Except Coy has evil blood that craves the taste of death, and she struggles to keep her inner demon in check. But when she finally loses control, she sets the prediction in motion, and the Nephilim army captures her.

Coy discovers the very beings she’s admired might actually be the ones she should’ve feared. Now, she must use all of her strength to survive long enough to escape their twisted Prime and maze-filled palace. 

And if that isn’t hard enough…

Enter Killian and his tantalizing promise of freedom. In Killian’s world, however, freedom holds consequence—ones that will require Coy to embrace the evil that terrifies her. 

Can she trust some guy, who, by the way, has the looks of an Angel and the darkness of the Devil, lurking around the Nephilim’s palace?

Probably not. But at this point, she no longer has a choice.

The Disgraced Series:

Tarnished Light and Darkness Shines, will Launch Summer/Winter 2019. If you like character-driven stories, Nephilim, Demons, fun dialogue, adventure, and a bit of make-your-heart-flutter romance … This series is for you.

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