Tarnished Light

IMG-4039.jpg copy.pngTarnished Light
will debut 
Fall of 2018
Compliments of the Fabulous Champagne Book Group!

I’m excited to share this story with the world, and I hope to gather an awesome team of readers I can share future work in progress Beta and Advanced Reading Copies as well as ask for input. I love getting readers involved in the writing process! It’s a challenge for me and makes the story mean more to readers. I really hope you’ll join my VIP family!

So…Tarnished Light. What’s it about you ask…

Here’s the blurb-in-progress. I’d LOVE your feedback! Does it entice you to read the novel? What would draw you in more? Is there any place you stuck your tongue out and cringed, no thanks. haha. I want the blurb to really shine! 🙂

Okay…eek…here goes:

“When the Teraphim slays a Nephilim, the angelic empire will fall.”

These words haunt Coy—daughter of an Angel and a Fallen. She fights her demon side to prove the ancient words wrong. When a Nephilim attacks her, she inadvertently unleashes her Fallen nature, triggering the prophecy. Imprisoned with her family in Haven, the Nephilim’s Headquarters, Coy undergoes demon-provoking experiments. Tested beyond endurance by the Nephilim’s vicious Prime, she realizes he desires more than just preventing the Angels’ downfall.

Desperate to unchain himself from his Fallen mother’s control, Killian journeys to Haven to find The Flaming Sword of Uriel—a powerful angelic weapon. His plan: Get the relic and get out before a Neph kills him. Easy enough. Until he meets Coys and things change. She stirs something in him. Something…good. He wants to help her escape, even at the cost of his own freedom. 

Guarded by the Prime’s Legionnaires, Coy must storm Haven’s defenses to rescue her family. Embracing her demonic half may be her only chance. But if she surrenders to evil, again, she may never return from her darkness. At the edge of despair, she discovers Killian and his tantalizing promise of escape. His angelic looks and devilish allure boost Coy’s strength and flutter her heart.

Trusting him, however, is another matter.



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